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About Trident. A Social Business.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

The Vision

The Trident Social Investment Group will be a ‘Beacon of Hope’ to disadvantaged communities in the ‘Age of Austerity’ and beyond.

The Mission

The Group is a people-centred, modern group of social businesses built upon the three pillars of quality affordable homes and services, care and support, and social investment and enterprise, dedicated to the development of sustainable, diverse, co-operative, caring and vibrant neighbourhoods.

The Group meets the needs of those disadvantaged individuals and communities left behind and fosters wellbeing, supporting the realisation of dreams, independence, pride and potential.

The Group is committed to living the positive change we wish to see in the world focussing our resources on priorities, and built upon an ethical and financially robust business platform, aiming to be an outstanding service provider in the Midlands.



Putting people first is at our core and we listen to residents, customers, staff and those working for partner agencies to ensure that Trident is a human-centred organisation.

Leaving None Behind

We meet the needs of those left behind by others, helping disadvantaged individuals and communities to realise their full potential.

Fostering Wellbeing

We create a positive living and working environment encouraging individual and community wellbeing, fostering shared optimism and purpose.

Financially Robust

We operate a social business that integrates concern and ethical business practices with financial acumen and quality corporate management.

Excellence, Involvement and Innovation

We encourage excellence by actively involving residents, customers, communities, stakeholders and staff, supporting innovation in all aspects of our work.


We share knowledge and resources, working in partnership with like-minded others to achieve our objectives, focusing on reaching agreement in all we do.

Committed to Community Investment

We recognise that investment in people, place and purpose is vital to our success in sustaining and revitalising communities.

Furthering Social Justice

We seek to promote social justice, equality of opportunity and outcome and diversity in our work and within our operational arena.

Building-In Sustainability

We champion sustainable development, green living and regeneration, embedding sustainability in all of our activities.

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